USGDR on a mission of ‘Making Public Data Public’

USGDR on a mission of ‘Making Public Data Public’


US: The United States GIS Data Repository (USGDR) is on a mission of “Making Public Data Public” and needs federal, state and local GIS departments to join in. Kyle Souza, Director at the USGDR, explained, “Government generates a large amount of vector data but lacks resources to distribute this data.  This is where the USGDR comes in; as a non-profit organisation, we are not here for money but to help both the data creators and the data users.  We want to partner with those who manage data, to help them cut costs, while at the same time make it easy for end-users to freely access this data.”

By making an arrangement with the data author/manager (such as a state GIS department) that allows organisations to upload their GIS data to USGDR servers, USGDR is able to provide the information to its users at its website, Users are not charged any money for downloading the data.

The USGDR is looking for federal, state, and local GIS departments that want to save money without compromising quality.  By pooling the resources of many organisations everyone can save money, especially those looking to download data USGDR can be contacted at [email protected]

Source: USGDR