User meet presents roadmap of Hexagon geospatial solutions

User meet presents roadmap of Hexagon geospatial solutions


Malta: The two-day 3rd Airborne Sensor User Meet of Hexagon Geospatial Solutions presented the latest offerings from the stables of Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging at the exotic Mediterranean island nation of Malta. The conference saw a confluence of users from across Europe, Middle East and Africa exploring business opportunities and partnerships while learning the technicalities of state-of-the-art sensor systems.

With 50% market share, Hexagon is the largest supplier of airborne sensors in the world. However, tough business environment, especially in the US and western Europe, is prompting companies to innovate to increase efficiency and adapt to the situation. Presenting the roadmap of Hexagon Geospatial Solutions for 2013, Ruediger Wagner, Vice President – Imaging, said that the three years of coming together of Hexagon and Intergraph has been a bumpy road but it has paved way for better innovation, capitalising on the strengths of individual products of the two companies. Today, Hexagon has a sensor portfolio for every application and for every business need, Ruedi added.

Dr Giovanni Righetti of Geotechnos Italy presented the daily challenges worldwide encountered by a private company. He touched upon issues related to the market, environment and administrative challenges, aircraft and ground segment challenges. His presentation was followed by a panel discussion which touched upon the changing aerial imaging needs of customers, increasing preference of LiDAR to digital sensors, increasing use of remote sensing imagery and the opening up of new markets. The discussion was quite interactive with several users sharing their concerns and feedback over the application of airborne sensor systems.

Dedicated sessions deliberated in detail about the technicalities, versatility and utility of various products including Leica ALS, Leica RCD, Leica CloudPro, Leica RCD Oblique & 3D, Z/I DMC-II and the upcoming Leica ADS 100. While Leica is very strong on the hardware side, in the recent years, the company is focussing to strengthen its software side, by stitching and creating software components to provide solutions to suit the customer’s workflow. Bringing together the best of Z/I Imaging and Leica, the combined company is ready with innovative products which would be released in 2013. The conference presented a chance for users to learn about the best of Leica products and interact with like-minded users and explore business opportunities.

Source: Our Correspondent