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Use satellite technology for water management

Thiruvananthapuram, India, July 4,2007: Delivering the 8th Dr. S. Srinivasan Memorial Lecture on ‘Indian Space Programme, addressing the development needs’ at the Thiruvananthapuram Chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India, ISRO Chairman G. Madhavan Nair said that, scientific water harvesting would be the best solution for the water shortage in the State. As the rich rainfall received in Kerala was spread over a short duration of three months of which most water is not utilised.

He said that Government of Karnataka had set a good example in a community-driven Sujala Watershed Development programme, implemented with assistance from the World Bank, in five drought-prone districts covering an area of around 0.5 Mha. benefiting over 400,000 households.

The unique feature of the project was the way remote sensing, GIS and Management Information System (MIS) were dynamically linked with impact assessment, both in terms of development of natural resources as well as socio-economic indicator. A similar system could be adapted by the state to mange its water resources.