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USACE charts approx 5700 miles of navigable rivers

US: The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) electronically charted approximately 5,700 miles of navigable rivers to date. Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENCs) for Allegheny, Arkansas, Atachafalaya, Black Warrior-Tombigbee, Cumberland, Green, Illinois, Kanawha, Kaskaskia, Lower Mississippi, Missouri, Monongahela, Ohio, Ouachita, Red, Tennessee, Tennessee-Tombigbee and Upper Mississippi rivers are available for download at no charge and unlimited use from USACE’s E-Charting Web site, ww.agc.army.mil/echarts. IENCs for the Alabama and White rivers are currently under development, with completion scheduled for this fiscal year.

The US inland waterway navigation system consists of 8,200 miles of rivers maintained by the USACE in 22 states. This highly adaptable and effective system of barge navigation annually moves more than 625 million tons of commodities, including coal and petroleum products, various other raw materials and manufactured goods. The successful navigation and maintenance of these vast natural highways is critical to inter- and intrastate commerce–to the tune of USD 73 billion annually.

The Army Geospatial Center’s (AGC) IENCs were developed by USACE to improve maritime awareness by providing accurate and real-time display of vessel positions relative to waterway features, improved voyage planning and monitoring, new personnel training tools and an integrated display of river charts, radar and Automatic Identification System (AIS) overlays to the entire inland navigation community. The charts are used by USACE, the dredging industry, environmental planners, recreational boaters, hydraulic engineers, transportation specialists and others requiring a detailed navigation.

The IENC programme was initiated after a catastrophic railroad disaster in 1993.

Source: KMI Media