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US unveils online maps on natural hazards

US: The Department of Interior has recently unveiled a new website called IGEMS (Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System) which offers citizens as well as federal, state and local emergency management communities online maps containing the latest available information on natural hazards. IGEM is the next generation replacement for the Natural Hazard Support System that had been in operation since 2003, supporting a significant customer base. It provides ongoing awareness of natural hazards, enabling local authorities to monitor and analyse natural hazard events as they occur.

In addition, it features data collection from agencies such as the US Geological Survey as well as data provided by the National Weather Service and other authoritative sources. “With the advancement of web mapping technology, the public expects to also be able to quickly and easily access this information, and IGEMS is a great tool that allows everyone to share this common view,” said Jerry Johnston, Chief Geospatial Officer, Department of Interior.

Source: Futuregov