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US states propose cloud for cost control

US: A group of western states in the US wants to corral the costs of storing their GIS data. Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Utah are looking to issue a request for proposals for a commercial cloud storage provider to host the states’ GIS data instead of each state negotiating its own separate contract.

GCN observes that before pursuing a contract, the states should find out whether federal agencies might be interested in joining the consortium, a move that would considerably lower the cost of processing and storing GIS data for all members.

As state GIS programme officials shop for the best possible rates for cloud services, they are looking to bring federal agencies on board. That’s because federal GIS datasets are often more than 100 times the size of most state GIS datasets, enough data to significantly reduce shared storage costs. An informal search of published agency data found close to 26 petabytes of geospatial data at only three federal agencies, according to a multistate GIS cloud services assessment team.

Source: GCN