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US State seeking bids for updating digital base map

Dover, Delaware, USA, 17 October 2006 – The State Office of Management and Budget is seeking bids for a project that will update the digital base map of Delaware, providing essential data to various statewide agencies. The last time the map was updated was in 2002.

In one part of the project, bids are requested for aerial photography of the state that provides an orthorectified view or a perspective that is closely aligned to its actual geographic position.

Another part of the project requests bids from companies that will interpret the land use land cover from the photography, which involves interpreting the aerial photography to create a database of areas for land use.

“There are three very closely related things we want to do and it just made sense to put them all out for one time for bids,” said Mike Mahaffie, a planner with the Office of State Planning Coordination.

The office also is seeking bids to collect elevation data using light detection and ranging (LIDAR). Mr. Mahaffie said that information would help ensure the accuracy of flood maps. Each part of the project is related and can be bid separately or together, he said. “We’re waiting to see what the vendors want to do,” Mr. Mahaffie said.

Mr. Mahaffie said he expects a small community of vendors nationwide that specialize in similar projects to submit proposals. Bids are due November 1 and bid packages are available by calling (302) 739-3090.