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US Special Ops seeks Geospatial data for South Sudan and North Korea

US: The US Special Operations Command (USSCOM) is seeking geospatial data on countries of interest that have critical need of data but there isn’t any. According to a USSCOM statement, the initial dataset consists of Jordan, Djibouti, Burma, Honduras, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, North Korea and China (Guangdong).

According to the announcement, USSOCOM has a mission for Special Operations Forces (SOF) to prepare and operate in dynamic and diverse environments. Commercial sources and other government agencies have not yet gathered data and information on some countries of interest for which there is a critical need. The goal is to provide the US military with satellite maps that chart people—and their activities—as well as topography. “Contractor will provide geospatially referenced, rectified, socio-cultural data on a number of countries for which there is a critical need but non-existent data. Research will include, but is not limited to, data that informs customers of the countries’ ethnography, language, education, politics, religion, and economy,” said a spokesperson from USSOCOM. American commandos also want to gather data on infrastructure points of interest including military installations, GSM tower locations, airfields, companies conducting mineral/gas/resource surveys, embassies, refugee camps and internet café locations.

Source: Time