Home News US President proposes $983 Million for USGS in FY20 budget

US President proposes $983 Million for USGS in FY20 budget

USA: US President Donald Trump has proposed a $983.5 million Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) budget for the United States Geological Survey, prioritizing scientific inquiry for effective stewardship of America’s natural resources.

According to Jim Reilly. Director, USGS, “This budget by the President reflects our ongoing commitment to providing science-based information and data to serve the needs and interests of the American people.”

United States Geological Survey wishes to understand the repercussions to the nation’s challenges concerning land, water and species through scientific monitoring and research. President’s budget allocation places high-priority to the development of the Landsat 9 ground station. Thus, being at par with NASA’s satellite development. USGS plans to conduct monitoring to support National water census. USGS also plans to sustain the 3D Program which responds to the growing need for high-quality, three-dimensional topographic data representations and to enhance biosurveillance of wildlife and invasive species.

The USGS currently provides data and research to support the hunting and recreational sectors generating a revenue of USD 90 billion annually providing jobs to 480,000 Americans. The new budget allocation by President Trump supports studies on Harmful Algal Blooms. USGS plans to continue with a vast range of partners to provide support to management agencies to sustain of fish, waterfowl hunting and recreation needs of the public.