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US Offers Public Geospatial Intel to Help Ebola Fight

DoD Agency Offers Public Geospatial Intel to Help Ebola FightUS: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has unveiled its first public website of unclassified geospatial intelligence data, in order to contribute to the US Defense Department’s fight against West Africa’s deadly Ebola virus disease outbreak. NGA plans to visually depict and assess situations on the ground using satellite imagery and other geographically referenced information.

“We have a partnership with the State Department through the World Wide Human Geography Data Working Group, formed in 2011 to focus on the need for human geography global foundation data as a basis better understanding cultures, activities and attitudes. Through that partnership, we have access to a wide variety of unclassified publicly available data. So NGA pulls that data together and offers it up as a service,” said Timothy J Peplaw, Director of the NGA Readiness, Response and Recovery Office.

The Readiness, Response and Recovery Office provides data and products and makes them available as a service using an online common operating environment called ArcGIS from Esri. Products include map atlases that Peplaw describes as maps and commercial imagery rolled into one.

Source: US DoD