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US GPS Industry Council welcomes New White House GPS Policy

The United States GPS Industry Council (USGIC) welcomed the announcement of the new Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Policy signed by President Bush. The policy sets forth a forward-looking framework for the management of GPS and its augmentations.

As the second Presidential statement in less than a decade, the PNT policy demonstrates U.S. foresight in shaping the global environment to meet the dynamic needs of GPS users worldwide.

The new policy updates the foundation laid by the 1996 Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) on GPS. It maintains an unambiguous U.S. commitment to the essential principles of open access, free of direct user fees, for civilian users worldwide. The PNT policy recognizes the importance of protecting the radio spectrum from interference, in which GPS and other satellite navigation services operate. This U.S. policy addresses interaction with other countries’ PNT services, including Russia’s Glonass and Europe’s Galileo systems. In addition, the U.S. Government commits to continued technological improvements, such as GPS Modernization.

Established in 1991, the United States GPS Industry Council (USGIC) is the leading organization worldwide representing the interests of the satellite navigation industry. The USGIC is a collaborative model of industry, government, and users working together to make GPS and satellite navigation a global technology success, and a key component in the global information technology infrastructure.