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US firm to conduct airborne survey for oil & gas in Lebanon

aretaker Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, right, speaks with the General Manager of NEOS Geo MENA, Frank Jreij in Beirut, Friday, Jan. 10, 2014. (The Daily Star/Dalati Nohra, HO)  Lebanon: A United States firm, NEOS GeoSolutions, will conduct an airborne survey of Lebanon to determine if the country has potential onshore oil and gas wealth. The announcement came after Energy Minister Gebran Bassil and the general manager of NEOS Geosolutions MENA, Frank Jreij, signed an agreement at the Energy Ministry. The project, which is completely underwritten, is being executed under a multi-client licensing model with the full support of both the Lebanon Ministry of Energy and Water and PetroServ, NEOS’s local partner.

The project aims to deliver maps of naturally occurring, maps of basement topography and key structural and stratigraphic horizons; basement-to-surface maps highlighting local faults (including the Dead Sea fault north extension) lineaments, and intrusives; 2D cross-sections and regional 3D structural models of the subsurface, including geologic trends etc.

“Our neoBASIN survey has been designed to map the regional prospectivity of northern Lebanon by integrating legacy well and 2D seismic data with newly acquired airborne geophysical datasets. Among other things, our geoscientists will work with the programme’s underwriters to identify the relationships among key geologic features that extend into the survey area from offshore structures and from Syria’s onshore petroleum systems, as well as to efficiently highgrade acreage across the survey area in order to support future leasing, drilling, and G&G investment decisions,” said Jreij.

Source: Dailystar​