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US county’s online land maps a big hit

Jackson County’s new Web page that offers Internet access to county land maps is undergoing a redesign and will continue to be upgraded over the next year.

The page debuted in mid-February and offers users a look at any piece of land in the county, complete with a map of the site, the location, the parcel’s dimensions, the owner, what voting precinct it falls in and any adjacent land, roads or waterways.

“It’s getting hit quite often,” said Robert Sema, county GIS services director, “and there will be a lot of users interested in the next upgrade.”

Sema said that since February, there have been more than 11,000 hits on the site.

The way a viewer finds the land he is looking for is to click on the location (whether it’s in the county or in a particular city) and then enter either the property owner’s name or the county identification number.

With the current upgrade, which should be complete within a month, viewers can search the entire county at once for property by the owner’s name. In fact they would be able to enter a name and get a listing of all the property that person owns in Jackson County.

No longer will the viewer have to limit the search to a city or segment of the county, Sema said. And within a year, property values should be added to each parcel.

The data is the same public information available at the county assessor’s office or the GIS mapping department. It’s just being placed on the Internet, a more convenient and accessible location for some people.