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US company unveils stamp size GPS device

US: VectorNav Technologies, a US company, unveiled the world’s first GPS-aided inertial navigation system on a surface-mount chip the size of a postage stamp. VectorNav said its VN-200 combines an advanced GPS module with the latest in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) inertial and pressure sensor technology.

VN-200’s onboard microprocessor runs an aerospace-grade Kalman filter algorithm at a rate of as much as 200 Hz and provides accuracies better than 0.25 degrees in pitch and roll and 0.75 degrees in heading, the company said.

VectorNav said it will be introducing and demonstrating the VN-200 next month at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International North America conference in Las Vegas.

“The VN-200 is an embeddable solution designed to meet the needs of customers whose current or emerging applications are size or cost constrained but still demand high performance and accuracies,” said VectorNav Technologies President John Brashear.

“By combining our knowledge of MEMS sensor technology, aerospace filtering methods and calibration techniques, we have created a powerful inertial navigation solution and demonstrated our continued commitment to developing the most advanced MEMS-based navigation solutions on the market.”

Source: UPI