US city’s shoppers to get ‘treasure’ maps

US city’s shoppers to get ‘treasure’ maps


Several kiosks and maps look to be erected early next year in downtown Naperville in an effort to make the business district more easily navigable.

The $250,000 project entails building kiosks in six locations, including near both parking decks and city hall. The kiosks will serve as information pit stops, featuring an updated map of downtown and an accompanying directory, similar to what’s found in most shopping malls.

The guides will work in tandem and the directories will be color-coded based on categories like booksellers, jewelers, home furnishing shops and restaurants. The kiosks also will highlight upcoming community events.
The structures will be built primarily out of metal and limestone and are designed to complement their surroundings with similar elements incorporated from downtown light posts, city Project Manager Anastasia Urban said.

The project is intended in part to encourage downtown shoppers to explore the area and perhaps visit stores besides their primary destination. The Downtown Naperville Alliance director said members wanted a new, detailed map that was current, easy to read and informative.

A number of wall-mounted maps probably will pop up in the area, as well. Two already have been hung in downtown parking decks. City staff will update the maps regularly “just because there’s so many listings and things change so rapidly,” Urban said.