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US city chalks out emergency data-sharing plan

Virginia, US: The city of Charlottesville in the state of Virginia is working on a plan to create and pilot an information-sharing plan which is meant to enhance the efficiency of communication among emergency officials at various public safety agencies.

The two goals of the project are to “develop a state-wide strategic information sharing plan” and to create a “geospatial visualisation pilot project,” which is “an interactive map of [emergency] information,” said Charles Werner, Charlottesville fire chief.

The geospatial visualisation — a map of the emergency information — included in the project will provide information to the public and facilitate the emergency officials in gathering information.

“You would be able to look at [a map] and see if roads are closed and other types of information,” Werner said. “We’re hoping to take it even to the mobile device level.”

Werner hopes to create a “citizen app,” which would allow members of the general public to share information with safety officials. For example, a citizen could take a picture of a down tree. The picture would then appear on the map, which could be viewed by emergency officials, including law enforcement to help them survey the damage.

“It makes the access to the data much more … effective,” Werner said.

The new system will be completed before the next hurricane season in June of 2012, McIntosh said.

Source: Cavelier Daily