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US Army Tests SULSAT Real-time Smartphone System for Battlefield

Staff Sgt. Vincent Kelly, of A Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment, receives real-time imagery using the Small Unit Leader Situational Awareness Tool, during a Maneuver Battle Lab demonstration at McKenna Military Operations on Urban Terrain training area on Fort Benning, Ga. ourtesy: Army mil.US: A US Army battle lab is testing a smartphone-based system that would give soldiers, platoon leaders and company commanders an identical battlefield view, fed by unmanned aerial systems and ground robots. The Small Unit Leader Situational Awareness Tool (SULSAT) uses controllers to collect video and imagery from the unmanned systems and stream them via Wi-Fi to the smartphones. The system would give soldiers and commanders aerial views of a tactical situation and ground views when, for example, a camera-equipped robot explores around a corner, enters a building or checks for roadside explosives. "It increases situational awareness and maneuverability. It also increases survivability because it allows soldiers to use a robot to check for IEDs,” said Tony Carbone, Maneuver Battle Lab Data Analyst. SULSAT is in the prototype stage and does have a few drawbacks, such as a limited range that requires soldiers to be within about 20 feet of a controller to receive imagery.

More tests are planned on tactics, techniques and procedures for SULSAT. The goal is to add it to the Army’s Nett Warrior package, which uses Samsung Galaxy Note II phones that are stripped down and installed with an NSA-approved version of the Android operating system.

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