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US Army selects TerraGo for portable geospatial intelligence

US: TerraGo, has recently announced its selection by the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A) programme for software that provides geospatial intelligence to remote warfighters, anywhere – even without network connectivity. TerraGo’s GeoPDF technology greatly expands the availability of georeferenced intelligence products to anyone in the US Army, without the requirement for expensive or complex geospatial tools on their desktops, field-deployed laptops and mobile devices.

The latest TerraGo GeoPDF software enables Army intelligence analysts and geospatial engineers to share intelligent 2D and 3D maps and imagery to improve situational awareness and help make informed decisions faster. TerraGo also integrates seamlessly with BAE’s SOCET GXP environment to enable Army intelligence analysts to disseminate intelligence directly from DCGS-A workstations to warfighters and commanders, regardless of their location. “Our industry partnership with the Army, which began in 2007, continues to generate numerous innovations for geospatial integration and collaboration capabilities,” said Scott Lee, Director of Department of Defense programs, TerraGo.

Source: Theintelligencer