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US Army Develops New Information Teleportation Network System Prototype

US: US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) scientists have successfully demonstrated information teleportation using a new quantum-information processing technology. Developed over the last two years, the prototype information teleportation network system includes an information teleportation exfiltration testbed and approach, which securely moves quantum images when secure network communications are increasingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and hacking. The prototype was developed as part of the testbed to quantify the teleportation of information using eye-safe entangled photons, in a bid to demonstrate the potential for secure teleportation over optical fibre or through free-space.

In entangled photon-based teleportation, a photon carrying potentially several bits of information interacts with an entangled pair of photons, enabling the data to be teleported to the other distant entangled photon and read by the recipient. "The Army Research Laboratory teleportation achievements are expected to be the basis for new types of army mobile-information teleportation networks for battlefield enhanced situational awareness and security. This research will benefit future soldiers by helping provide the army with battlefield information teleportation networks that will be both cybersecure and fast. The success in achieving quantum teleportation over long distances through an obscured battlefield is difficult, but future mobile ad-hoc information teleportation networks can give the future army exponential advantages in cyber security, speed and bandwidth,” said Ronald Meyers, Army Research Laboratory quantum information Principal Investigator.

Source: Army technology