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US Army Contracts GD for MUOS Waveform Upgrade

US: General Dynamics (GD) has been awarded a contract to update the mobile-user objective system (MUOS) waveform for the US Army's AN/PRC-155 MUOS-manpack radios. The USD 13 million contract includes waveform integration into the PRC-155 radios and radio / waveform testing, as well as field support and soldier training, which will augment voice clarity and cyber security of voice and data communications across the MUOS communications network.

Other waveform enhancements include improved connectivity with other MUOS-manpack radios and the MUOS ground system and satellites. The waveform represents the digital 'dial-tone' required to connect with the US Navy's new MUOS satellite communications network, which is designed to provide US Department of Defense users with enhanced cellular telephone-like capabilities through tactical radios. Operating as a global cellular service provider, the next-generation system will provide soldiers with capabilities for direct communication with each other and their commanders, virtually anywhere in the world. MUOS-capable PRC-155 radios are expected to enable troops to access the MUOS communications system anywhere in the deployed location, on foot or from land vehicles, ships, submarines and aircraft, with a smartphone-like flow of information.

Source: PR Newswire