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US Air Force launches GPS satellite for military navigation

US: The US Air Force has launched a satellite to be part of the existing navigation system for the military. A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta 4 rocket successfully launched the (GPS) IIF-3 satellite from Cape Canaveral.

“Congratulations to the entire team on today’s successful launch of the GPS IIF-3 satellite,” said Jim Sponnick, ULA vice president, Mission Operations. “ULA and our mission partners have a rich heritage with the GPS program and we are proud to have served alongside the government and contractor teams over the last two decades to provide important Global Positioning System capabilities for our national defense and for millions of civilian and commercial users around the world.”

The Air Force manages the navigation system to ensure there are at least 24 operational satellites at all times. This newly launched spacecraft includes an improved military signal that is more resistant to signal jamming in hostile environments.

Source: WP & Satnews