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US Agrees to Share Space Data with South Korea

US: The US Department of Defense (DoD) has signed a memorandum of understanding to share space situational awareness data with South Korea’s Defense Ministry, according to Pentagon officials. The accord provides South Korea's air force with higher-quality and more timely space information tailored for its specific purposes in exchange for satellite-positional and radio-frequency information it will provide to US Strategic Command, the DoD agency responsible for space situational awareness, officials added.

Douglas L Loverro, deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy, and Maj Gen Chang Kyeong Seok, the South Korean Defense Ministry’s director general of policy planning, signed the memorandum September 2 on the sidelines of the Space Cooperation Working Group. "Cooperating with international partners to develop coalition approaches to space is a priority for the Department of Defense,” said Loverro. South Korea joins five nations and many other organisations already participating in space situational awareness data sharing agreements with DoD.

Source: US Department of Defense