Uruguay using GIS to deal with water stress

Uruguay using GIS to deal with water stress


Uruguay: National Emergency System (SNE), Uruguay, is studying water deficit problem in the country. The SNE is using GIS that daily monitors satellite photos and analyse vegetation indicators and water absorbing capacity of land.

The general coordinator and sociologist Gustavo Leal, explained that SNE as a committee at the departmental level throughout the country that monitors the drought and water shortages.

Leal specified that it is not appropriate to use the term “drought” for “water stress,” to describe the situation in some regions, such as Cerro Largo, Rivera, Treinta y Tres and Artigas.

It also is conducting a report of the situation experienced in the country, taking into consideration that the situation is changing hour by hour, “if high temperatures persist this can have a different phase to the present,” said Leal, while if it rains the situation can be improved. A widespread drought in the country, yet not raised but not be ruled out, is important for country’s economic condition. Last drought recorded in 2008 cost the country 1.2 billion dollars.

Source: www.espectador.com