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Uruguay launches Digitalized Cartographic Atlas

The new electronic version of the “Cartographic Atlas of Uruguay” is a supporting technologic tool for education and its goal is making the country more known through its maps. The content is based on the primary teaching programs and includes information about geography, cartography, thematic maps, satellite images and borders.

On Friday, March 21, it was presented the new digital version of the “Geographic Atlas of Uruguay”, developed by the Geographical Military Service in cooperation with the company ANTEL. Based on the contents and design of the print version, the material has fitted without changing the meaning of the original content.

The electronic book – that includes cartography, concepts and definitions of great support for teachers and students – can be simply viewed through a software player appropriated to each platform. It plays very well on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) with operating systems Android or iOS, as well as on Windows PC’s; and it also works in the “ceibalitas” (a portable computer with free software used by students and teachers in Uruguay).

The initiative is part of a disclosure project that seeks to incorporate technological tools for enhancing education and access to various cultural contents. Click here to download the Atlas.

Source: ANTEL