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URUGUAY: Decree of the Executive Branch on the IDE and the production of geographic information

Montevideo, January 8, 2014: The Executive Branch of Uruguay by Decree 390/014 of 29 December 2014 regulates aspects of the production of the entire geographic information (GI) of the country, its rules and regulations dictated by the Spatial Data Infrastructure Uruguay (IDEUy). At the last Council of Ministers 2014 the decree was signed by José Mujica, President of the Republic, as well as all his Ministers.

It should be noted that in this country the IDEUy is a decentralized body of the Presidency, by Article 2 of this regulation "shall be subject … all public entities that generate geographic information of the national territory, whether state or non-state" (p. 2).

The decree includes principles and definitions, as well as aspects related to metadata, use, lit and validity of the GA, for that these entities "shall comply with the rules, standards, technical specifications, recommendations, encodings, lit of shares and other criteria for the exchange of data, metadata configuration, quality procedures and any other provision to approve the Uruguay data Infrastructure for the production, documentation, on and use of spatial information "(Article 5, p. 4) for purposes of considering -If a valid resource for IDEUy.

The full text of the decree is available nese link: https://archivo.presidencia.gub.uy/sci/decretos/2014/12/cons_min_946.pdf

[Source: Germán Iglesias Peralta, England Surveyor – Lic.. Computers, IDEUy – Presidency of the Republic]