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UrtheCast’s satellite provides cloud-free data to US

Canada: UrtheCast is releasing the newly collected imageries taken from its UrtheCast’s Deimos 1 satellite. The imagery is being released on UrtheCast’s online platform, known as UrthePlatform. UrtheCast is planning to expedite the process so that it will be able to provide this broad-area-coverage Deimos 1 data cloud-free for the entire contiguous United States every month throughout the 2016 agricultural growing season.

“This is a significant milestone for the company,” explains Wade Larson, President and CEO of UrtheCast.  “This represents a step function in terms of our ability to serve the rapidly growing market for geoanalytics services.  Now, for the first time anywhere, analytics customers will be able to access this newly-collected, cost-effective dataset at scale via APIs from a powerful cloud computing platform.”

“ This tangibly demonstrates that our UrthePlatform is operational and ready for commercial service, and it shows yet again the strategic synergies of the company’s acquisition last year of Deimos Imaging—synergies which are becoming increasingly evident to our customers.”

“It’s unheard of in our industry to have access to data of this quality—in GeoTIFF format and at affordable price points,” explains Jeff Stein, VP Business Development at Orbital Insight, a leader in advanced geoanalytics and deep learning technologies. “UrtheCast is pushing the art of the possible in our industry with the speed with which they get high-value pixels from space to the cloud for computation by Orbital Insight’s A.I. algorithms.”

“UrtheCast‘s technology and mission to democratize the Earth Observation industry is creating a step change for global forest monitoring and will make a real difference for our planet,” states Crystal Davis, Director of Global Forest Watch, a leading organization seeking to increase the ability of governments, businesses and civil society to protect, manage, and restore forests.

In the coming months, UrtheCast expects to add further UrtheCast data as well as data from third-party providers to the UrthePlatform, with the objective of providing an increasingly powerful capability for geoanalytics applications and markets.

Source: UrtheCast