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UrtheCast releases first earth imagery from its medium-resolution camera on ISS

Canada: UrtheCast has released two imagery of Earth, captured by its medium-resolution camera (MRC) onboard the International Space Station (ISS). “This is a pivotal moment for the company and for everyone who’s been a part of the vision that we set in motion in 2010,” stated UrtheCast Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Larson.

Captured on March 28, 2014, at 1pm GMT, this image is centered around the city of Moneague, Jamaica, and has a 6-meter GSD (Ground Sampling Distance). The original imagery is approximately 3200 x 8000 pixels, and covers approximately 300 square kilometers. The MRC is a multispectral, nadir-pointing imager that captures 6-meter class, 50-km wide swaths of still imagery, which will be made commercially available on the UrtheCast platform. While the images will be made available on an individual basis, they will also be processed and constantly streamed to the UrtheCast platform. This will be realized on the interactive platform as a near realtime flyover view of the planet directly below the ISS as it orbits the globe 16 times every day.
The company is now geared up to unveil up to 150 videos of 60 seconds each (at 30 frames per second speed) of Earth in 4K-resolution. the company states that it remains focused on the commissioning and calibration of its cameras, in addition to ground system testing and the continuation of its business plan.
To view additional UrtheCast images as they are released, you can visit www.urthecast.com/firstlight.

Source: Urthecast