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URISA approves UAE Chapter Organization

Des Plaines, US: Board of Directors of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), a nonprofit association of professionals, unanimously approved organising status for a United Arab Emirates URISA Chapter.
URISA President, Greg Babinski, GISP noted: “The formation of a new chapter in the UAE is a significant development in fulfilling URISA’s constitution to operate as an objective educational organisation without political, social, financial, or national bias. In its early years (25 to 50 years ago), URISA was hampered in fulfilling this goal by the high cost of international travel, the lack of modern internet and telephony, the division of the planet into assumed First World-Third World regions, and the West vs. Communist Block divide – these factors are all now changed.  While URISA has chapters throughout North America and individual members around the world, the UAE Chapter formation reminds us that URISA can now leverage its educational assets, portfolio of conferences, and 50 year body of knowledge more broadly.”
Source: URISA