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Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System for Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies has established SuperGIS Desktop based Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System. The system will help inhabitants understand escape directions and evacuate to reduce the loss when disasters happen. The system can benefit disaster-prevention and improve urban security by integrating with the systems of other cities.

Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System is divided into two major systems –
1) Disaster prevention network – It enables people to locate ways to reach the nearest safe zone in case of any calamity and helps rescue teams arrive at the affected spot quickly.
2) Evacuation circulation – This could be regarded as the reference point for the administration who overlook the rescue work.

The goal of the system is to review the structure of urban space, formulate the spatial contents and levels of the urban disaster prevention, plan the spatial strategies for refuge and rescue. The system can help in the formulation of an entire emergency response system.

Source: SuperGeo