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Updated Visual Nature Studio 3 with Scene Express available

USA: 3D Nature is shipping its updated Visual Nature Studio 3 (VNS 3) with Scene Express including support for new features in Google Earth 5. The new feature added in Google Earth 5 is Guided Tours – pre-recorded viewpoint paths that take the viewer on a predetermined route through the landscape. Visual Nature Studio has always offered “Animated Cameras” to accomplish this, but this capability was never available when exporting to Google Earth. Now, golf course designers, landscape architects, foresters, developers, highway planners and other interested parties can direct the viewing public through their creations by way of Google Earth.

VNS 3 with Scene Express can build realistic and accurate 3D environments and publish them to Google Earth 5. VNS 3 includes a substantial library of trees and vegetation that can be used in Google. VNS can also be used to make still images and animations of landscapes with a visual quality exceeding what Google Earth is capable of.

VNS 3 is a complete 3D landscape creation tool with the ability to place trees and vegetation, buildings, roads, bridges, vehicles, lakes and streams into the scene with photorealistic visual quality. Working with data from GIS and CAD tools as well as free data available online, VNS can be used to depict new projects designs, multiple proposed alternatives or historical re-creations with equal ease.