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Updated interactive website for UK elections

With the General Election campaign now under way, Great Britain’s mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, has updated its website showing every constituency and administrative area in the UK.

www.election-maps.co.uk is an interactive tool of its kind showing all general as well as local election boundaries displayed against a mapping background. Each of the 646 Westminster constituencies can be viewed, including all of the recent changes to those for Scotland. The site also allows the boundaries of all local authorities, wards, electoral divisions and parishes to be switched on and off at the click of a mouse.

The site incorporates several different scales of mapping from Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland to enable users to obtain a range of views, from street-level detail to a wider overview, which is especially helpful in visualising larger rural constituencies.

Zoom facilities offer the chance to see the whole of a chosen electoral ward on screen, and print options allow detailed or constituency overviews to be produced as colour maps. There is also a search function that enables postcodes to be pinpointed – a great advantage for canvassing and leaflet delivery.

In the past few weeks more than 18,000 people have visited the site. This figure is expected to rise significantly as the official General Election campaign picks up momentum.