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Updated eBook for Rendering with AutoCAD

Abbotsford, Canada July 1, 2007: upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. has released the Tailoring AutoCAD Rendering 2008, an update to its existing ebook about rendering 3D models with AutoCAD 2008 software from Autodesk.

The e-book describes how to use the many aspects of AutoCAD 2008’s rendering system, from lighting and materials to camera views and advanced rendering methods. While the updated e-book describes:

  • Quick rendering methods, including the Dashboard and Tool palettes.
  • Using the Render command, plus details on the new photometric rendering.
  • Attaching materials, with added tutorials.
  • Creating custom materials, plus coverage of the added procedural textures.
  • Placing lights, including the new .ies-based web lights.
  • Placing camera views.

    This new ebook is available as Adobe Acrobat file PDF for delivery via email, ftp, or Web browser and is also available on CD.