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Unmanned aircrafts to curb poaching in Africa

The WWF and MET antipoaching team in Namibia, including Falcon UAV’s fixed-wing unmanned aircraft. Photo courtesy Helge Denker, WWF Namibia.Namibia: After a year of field-testing, the World Wildlife Fund announced that unmanned aircraft and related systems can be effective in deterring poaching in Africa.

The WWF worked with the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism on a project funded by the Google Global Impact Award, which included field-testing in two national parks in Namibia in 2013.

The team tested several unmanned aircraft, including from Colorado-based Falcon UAV, and subsequently decided to use the Falcon in all the rhino and elephant areas monitored in Namibia. Combined with radio-frequency identification chips, ground-based sensors and other hardware and software, the UAV was able to help monitor wildlife movements.

Source: AUVSI