University students develop economic impact map

University students develop economic impact map


US: Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have played a crucial role in developing an online interactive map that shows the economic impact of investments in counties and legislative districts throughout the state.

UW-Madison”s Cartography Lab; the State Cartographer”s Office, which operates at the university; and UW-Whitewater”s Pangea Studios collaborated to create the map, which allows users to see the number of grants and funding awarded throughout the state by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

The map provides WEDC”s investment by county and by legislative district, and allows users to search by program type, such as by tax credit or loan. It also provides data on the projected costs and the number of jobs the grants will create.

“What was unique about this project was the collaborative effort between Whitewater and the two labs in Madison,” Howard Veregin, state cartographer, says. “It was really three different map-related offices with slightly different missions.”

UW-Madison students helped “create and shape the feel of the map and how it interacts with the user” by creating menus and deciding on map behaviors including zooming and panning, he says, adding that the map project provided a unique opportunity to showcase how geospatial technology can be used to promote economic development programs.

Source: WISC