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The town of Addison and the North Central Texas Council of Governments are getting some geographic assistance from those who may be mapping the Dallas-Fort Worth’s area in the future.

Students in the geographic-information sciences program at the University of Texas at Dallas are working with both to develop a Geographic Information System base map for planning and economic development of Addison.

The project, which is operated through UTD’s Bruton Center, involves verifying existing roads and land use, as well as the locations of utility lines and digitally inputting those findings.

GIS mapping involves using software and hardware that can store, manipulate, analyze and display spatial information, revealing relationships not apparent with traditional maps and databases.

UTD plans to complete the $20,000 project by Aug. 1.

The Addison project is managed by Ronald Briggs, director of UTD’s Geographic Information Sciences Program and the associate director of the Bruton Center.

“This project is part of the North Texas Council of Governments’ effort to assist smaller cities in developing base maps, but, at the same time, it will provide an excellent training experience for UTD’s GIS students,” Briggs said.