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University of Salzburg launches geo-media project

Salzburg, Austria: Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria unveiled digital-earth.eu project, a unique collaboration with a wide range of organisations from across Europe. The project involves experts in the use of geographical media in education, including specialists in teacher training and education. The goal is to connect these experts through a European Centre of Excellence in order to share innovative practices. A network of accredited national and regional experts, endorsed by European associations, will act as multipliers, working with teachers and educators in their own countries.

Geographic information is widely used in business, industry, government and public services. National agencies have web mapping services connected with e-democracy initiatives. Europeans already widely use geoinformation and geo-media in their professional lives as well as for private purposes.

The reality in Europe is that geoinformation literacy has so far been ignored as a core competence necessary in education. The reality remains that most teachers do not have the digital competences needed, nor are they aware of the opportunities offered by geo-media. Furthermore the working conditions at school do not yet support the integration of these ideas, tools and competences. Over the last 18 months Salzburg University has worked to develop the concept of the digital-earth.eu network with more than 60 partners. The proposal to the EC was approved in late 2010 and the first full meeting of partners will take place in July 2011 in Salzburg, Austria.

Source: Universität Salzburg