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University of Salzburg becomes member of UCGIS

Washington DC, US: University of Salzburg joined the University Consortium of GIS (UCGIS) to create more opportunities for students, faculty and professionals in the field of GIS and Science. The UCIGS Consortium is committed to build an organisational infrastructure to foster collaborative interdisciplinary research in Geographic Information Science.

Prof. Thomas Blaschke spoke on ‘A three-tiered ‘education through research’ approach to Geographic Information Science’ at the 2012 UCGIS meeting themed ‘GIScience 2.0’. “The vision driving this kind of consortium is to identify areas of potential collaboration and to share ideas and resources. Particularly in support of educating geospatial technologists and GIScience researchers, having them well-prepared to enter professional practice,” Prof. Blaschke said. “In light of the challenges of an ever increasing amount of geospatial data, it is essential we work with colleagues around the world to provide students with access to educational opportunities relevant for a wide range of careers.”

The University of Salzburg with its flagship research centre Z_GIS – Centre for Geoinformatics – has been admitted to UCGIS as only the fourth non-US institution among 60 leading organisations. Speaking of University of Salzburg’s membership, the director of Z_GIS, Prof. Josef Strobl said, “The ethos of UCGIS closely resonates with what we at Z_GIS are working hard to achieve through our strong research agenda and three-tiered education, the work with we pursue nationally and internationally, and our capacity building initiatives. As one of the founding members of the European AGILE consortium we are delighted to be the second European member of this mainly US-based UCGIS group, and look forward to our active participation in this dynamic consortium.”

Source: University of Salzburg