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Universal Mind enters software market

On the strength of the rich Internet applications it develops, Universal Mind is expanding into the applications software business with a mapping software product called SpatialKey now in private beta.

SpatialKey turns tabular data, such as customer spreadsheets, into geographic representations. Universal Mind decided to launch a product after developing similar applications for several customers, said president Brett Cortese.

The software-as-a-service version of SpatialKey starts at $25 per month per seat. Cortese said enterprise-scale deployments using large amounts of data are priced significantly higher.

Early adopters include the police department in Ogden, Utah — one of the earliest test cases for SpatialKey. The Ogden police use the software to map out almost any kind of crime or judicial statistics, comparing crime data with patrol patterns, parolee addresses, warrants and constantly updated lists of gang members or known drug houses in the city of 78,000, just north of Salt Lake City. They use the information to make decisions about who, where and what to investigate.

Universal Mind, which works heavily in Flex, Adobe Systems Inc.’s rich media programming language, began exploring product possibilities for a mapping application in 2007 under the code name Launchpad. Development of SpatialKey began in earnest last year.