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Universal Map releases SmartMaps Viewer 2.0

Universal Map, a provider of mapping solutions, has announced the release of SmartMaps Viewer 2.0. SmartMaps is an advanced Internet mapping platform that displays data in vector format using SVG technology. This allows for more intuitive navigation and faster access to client data.

“SmartMaps gives us a truly effective solution for presenting policy and economics data online in a format that is fast, understandable, and easy to implement,” said Scott Watkins, Director of Marketing at Anderson Economic Group.

SmartMaps Viewer version 2.0, built on SVG technology, provides searchable, intelligent graphics and an interactive display of spatial data resources. Some of the many enhancements in SmartMaps 2.0 include: faster zoom and pan functions without calls to the server, new ruler and selection tools, a dynamic scalebar function and on-the-fly loading of geographic layers.

SmartMaps Viewer version 2.0 works with SmartMaps Server for dynamic delivery of spatial data. Leading spatial data formats are supported, including ESRI data formats, through an ArcMap Exporter tool. SmartMaps Viewer works in both Windows and Mac environments.