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Univ students map China’s food problems

Shanghai, China: Wu Heng, a history student at Fudan University, China and 33 online volunteers created a map and database of China’s reported food safety problems since 2004. It’s open to the public at https://zccw.info. 
According to the database, big cities like Beijing and Shanghai and provinces like Shandong and Guangdong had the most reported food scandals over the years, not only due to high population and numerous food industries, but also because of relatively open news reporting.
Another interesting finding is that the total number of reports nationwide dropped from 2006 to 2008, increased a bit and dropped again in 2010. But it soared sky high in 2011.
The database is based on media reports. There is a link on the website called “I want to add” where visitors can contribute and comment.
With the help of 33 volunteers recruited online nationwide, Wu collected 2,107 news reports over around seven and a half years. But many food safety problems have gone unreported, Wu said. 
The database can be searched by food type, toxic additives, dates, cities and provinces.
Source: Shanghai Daily