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United Water selects WaterGEMS

United Water Idaho, a water services company in US, has awarded Haestad Methods a contract for its WaterGEMS Geographic Engineering Modeling System and ClientCare maintenance program. This agreement marks the fourth United Water Resources subsidiary to select Haestad’s water resources modeling software.

United Water’s decision followed a comprehensive evaluation of WaterGEMS and three other GIS-based modeling software packages.

United Water has already used WaterGEMS to assemble, calibrate, and model an updated version of the same isolated distribution system used in the evaluation. The results were used to prioritize system designs for achieving higher fire flows and additional emergency supply.

United Water Idaho is currently developing advanced SCADA programs to capture peak season distribution data for use in WaterGEMS to calibrate and simulate stressed conditions throughout the system. The company also plans to use WaterGEMS in the future to assist with a number of crucial activities including daily steady-state and extended period simulations, master planning, rehabilitation, water quality, system security analysis, and additional SCADA integration, to name a few.