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United Nations Award to Pacific Islands project

The United Nations has recognised Pacific Islands project as a leading initiative dealing with climate change.

The Project provides the fundamental data, skills and tools at-risk communities need to make planning decisions. It trains government decision makers to use online tools and flood maps to understand and mitigate the risks of sea level rise. Using these maps, governments can better understand and communicate climate change risk to local communities and put adaptation plans in place.

This collaborative Project with NGIS Australia and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade allows the Pacific Islands – Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea – to prepare for and adapt to sea level rise brought about by climate change.

In response to the United Nations announcement this week, the CRC for Spatial Information's CEO Dr Peter Woodgate said, "The CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) with support from the Australian Government and NGIS, is delighted to have its work in the Pacific recognised by the United Nations Lighthouse Awards".

"We are proud that earlier this year we and NGIS Australia were able to respond to the Cyclone Pam recovery by adapting the Vanuatu Globe. The online map generated over 1000 hits per day at its peak. With close links to the Pacific community the CRCSI hopes to continue to bring its expertise to countries tackling the issue of climate change".

Source: crc.si