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‘UniStrong holds 40 pc GIS market share in China’

China: Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. holds approximately 40 percent GIS market share in China, according to a report by Orient Securities Company Ltd. In next five years, the company is poised to do the business of approximately 100 billion yuan (USD 15.6 billion), China Daily reported.

“We are talking about a 50 billion yuan market in China, of which about 45 billion yuan will come from civilian navigation services,” said Cao Hongjie, UniStrong’s vice-president for technology. “The country has a huge demand (for navigation services) based on the immense population base.” The market will add another 115 billion yuan by 2015, he added.

The company’s automobile navigation products, known as the renwoyou series, are the best-selling brands in the country, Economic Observer reported. However, the company’s ultimate goal – according to Guo Xinping, founder and chairman of UniStrong – is to sell integrated services to customers, like Apple is doing in selling applications.

Recently, UniStrong launched China Position, the nation’s first home-grown Web-based navigation platform which marked China’s navigation industry stepping into the cloud computing age.

The cloud computing platform was designed to provide seamless navigation of navigation satellites and land-based navigation systems, said Liu Jingnan, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who specializes in satellite surveying and mapping.

The development blueprint for the satellite navigation industry was this year for the first time included into one of the country’s five-year plans for technology, which means the government may increase its investment in the field previously dominated by foreign technologies and companies.

According to Guo, China’s location-service industry remains young and untapped but possesses great potential. “We should gather the intelligence of all companies in the industry to bake an even bigger cake,” he said, adding that China Position should not be a platform that only works with UniStrong’s products but should grow into a national standard that allows all navigation-related companies to use it.

Guo also informed that the company may release China Position’s source code sometime in the future so that more resources outside UniStrong will contribute to location services. “By then, UniStrong may not be known as an end-product manufacturer but as an integrated location information service provider,” the chairman said.

Source: China Daily