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Unified storage platform for federal clients

Sterling, US: IceWEB – a leading provider of Unified Data Storage and building blocks for cloud storage networks, announced that Ardent Management Consulting has been awarded a contract to deploy IceWEB technologies to power the image processing workflow that is core to federal customers mapping and GIS services.

Using IceWEB 3000, featuring its Unified Storage Management operating system, Ardent can now consolidate imagery onto a single, high performance, highly scalable, shared pool of storage, increasing image processing speeds.

Michael Matechak, Vice President, ArdentMC, said, “Prior to deploying IceWEB’s unified storage platform, the performance and scalability demands of our unique customer needs overwhelmed traditional storage systems, limiting GIS processing performance and workflow productivity. ArdentMC needed a high performance storage scalable for an Enterprise-wide solution for a Federal Customer, while reducing the unnecessary storage management burden. The superior image processing speeds, storage capacity, and lower cost comparison to competitors, made the selection of IceWEB an easy decision to meet the goals of the operating system.”

IceWEB’s solution includes a 56TB 3000HC high performance Unified Storage platform pre-loaded with i-Cubed 1m eSAT dataset prefused into a Google Earth Enterprise Globe.  

“Demand for geospatial solutions is reaching new heights, creating exciting business opportunities for innovative Small Business companies like ArdentMC,” stated John R. Signorello, IceWEB CEO. “We look forward to continuing to provide solutions to this exciting vertical market and building on the momentum from our existing relationship with our Google Earth Enterprise partners that were announced in April.”

Source: IceWeb