Unified knowledge on using satellite monitoring to face droughts and floods worldwide

Unified knowledge on using satellite monitoring to face droughts and floods worldwide


As a consequence of climate changes, droughts and floods are becoming more frequent around the world, so the use of remote sensing satellite alternative technologies is one of the options to protect people against the occurrence of these natural phenomena, concluded experts from Mexico, Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

During the “Meeting of Experts on Space-Based Information for Reducing the Risk of Droughts and Floods”, organized by the United Nations Platform for Space-based information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER) in Bonn, Germany, advantages were exposed by the use of technologies based on the monitoring from space.

During the event, led by the Senior Coordinator of UN-SPIDER, Luc St. Pierre and by the director of UN-SPIDER in Bonn, Juan Carlos Villagrán de León, there were representatives from space agencies and universities around the world, as well as the Space Mexican Agency (AEM) and United Nations officials attending.

In this context, more than 60 experts from Mexico, Asia, Africa, America and Europe urged the representatives of these countries to use and apply, today more than ever, technologies to prevent, manage and mitigate this kind of phenomena.

On behalf of the General Director of AEM, Javier Mendieta Jimenez, the AEM Director of Space Safety, Julio Castillo Urdapilleta acknowledged that Mexico regularly experience these contingencies, so the systems of remote sensing satellite become a primordial tool to meet the civil protection demands.

Therefore, he added, as an act of global responsibility, AEM is in permanent contact with international organizations to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to coordinate cooperative actions to mitigate, neutralize, rebuild and establish preventive measures for these emergencies inside national territory

“Satellites provide vital information for decision making on strategies to be used to deal with these weather phenomena, so that AEM is in constant collaboration with the departments and agencies of the national security system of Mexico, with those will capitalize experiences of these international meetings to protect, now from the space, our population”, he concluded.

Source: AEM