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UNICEF appreciates Map Kibera project

Nairobi, Kenya: A report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) appreciated Map Kibera – a digital mapping project that helps people, identifies “safe and unsafe physical spaces.” The report observed that the project has helped young people in Kibera to “gain new awareness about their surroundings, empowering them to amplify their voices on critical issues.”

The UNICEF report acknowledges, however, that the poor in many developing countries “remain largely excluded from information and communication (ICT) and its benefits.”

“A vast digital divide continues to exist not only between the industrialised and the developing world – particularly the least developed nations – but also between rich and poor within countries,” the report revealed. In the Philippines, projects to expand the reach of ICT have not hurdled basic problems of computer shortages and computer illiteracy.

Encouraging governments to invest in programmes for the youth in areas like ICT, the UNICEF report said, “ICT offers the potential to remove barriers to education and literacy and to hand adolescents a key to unlock many of the benefits of the modern knowledge economy and not be left adrift by globalisation.”

Source: www.gmanews.tv