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UNEP, League of Arab States sign agreement to safeguard environment

Saudi Arabia, November 12, 2014: The Arab League and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have signed a pact to safeguard environment and put in place many new eco-friendly measures in the region. The pact was signed at the 26th session of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE), which was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The pact covers a wide range of programmes and projects in the areas of green economy, post-conflict assessments and recovery, climate change, water resources, biodiversity, sustainable consumption and production, and environmental governance.

The meeting also called for the need to spread awareness about environment education as it has become more relevant and necessary in today's industrialised and technologically advanced world. “The challenges related to modernisation with regard to environment and resource management, monitoring of all types of remote sensing and geographic information system were also discussed, stressing the importance of national-level cooperation between different nations,” said a spokesperson of UNEP.

The high-level ministerial meeting, which was part of the session, also discussed various tasks undertaken by the joint working groups at national, regional and international levels. “Strategies, initiated by governments to curb pollution or to monitor radiation level were also taken up for discussion at the meeting,” he added.

Source: UNEP