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UnderTow Software provides map foundation for electronic consumer

Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer of premier map databases, and UnderTow Software, Inc. announced that UnderTow Software has selected GDT’s street and address data for use within UnderTow’s development tool kits and electronic consumer map products. UnderTow Software will use GDT’s Dynamap /Transportation as the map foundation for its Precision Mapping line of electronic consumer retail products that provide street-level mapping, trip planning, and importable street-level maps for use in high-end graphic design packages. Dynamap/Transportation will also provide the map foundation for two GIS developer tool kits, MapTivate and MapOCX Pro. MapTivate is a hybrid-mapping engine that integrates powerful rendering capabilities with a comprehensive rules-based paradigm to create an agile GIS tool that supports a variety of data formats. MapOCX Pro is a feature-rich tool that allows the incorporation of street-level mapping into any Windows application. Highlights would include seamless street maps, map rotation, point-to-point routing, and reverse geocoding within any Windows environment. Compiled from a vast network of sources, the GDT’s Dynamap/Transportation map data provides comprehensive street and address coverage, highly accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers to offer superb map performance. GDT’s attention to detail means that UnderTow Software users will get the most up-to-date and comprehensive map information available. With UnderTow’s GIS expertise, they can offer advanced tools that allow developers to easily integrate GDT data into a variety of applications. And their consumer map products make GIS tools accessible to casual users.”