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‘Understanding of whereabouts is necessary for survival’

South Africa: Understanding where business operates and where customers live, work, shop, wine and dine is no longer a luxury anymore, it has become a total necessity for survival in business, according to Etienne Louw, MD of MapIT, a digital mapping company. In conversation with ITWeb, Louw said that companies are now realising the value of optimising every customer relationship management (CRM) transaction of their business. 
Louw observed that location-based services are very new in South Africa but the interest is staggering as businesses are starting to understand the value of optimising every CRM transaction. He added companies are blown away by the value that ‘real world position’ tools create, especially in an environment where margins are under increasing pressure. The industries that have seen the value of adopting location-based services technology are delivery companies as well as the vehicle tracking industry, he stressed. “There is simply no place for CRM that is not spatially-enabled.” he noted.
Louw will talk about location-based services as an integral part of the future of CRM as well as what geographical information reveals about customers at the ITWeb CRM 2.0 Summit. The event will address key issues facing enterprises that interact with and manage customer communications. The summit will take place on August 30, 2011.
Source: ITWeb