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UNCTAD promotes geo indication

NEW DELHI: Even as products like the Banarasi saree wait to get intellectual property rights recognition for geographical exclusivity, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is organising a series of events to promote the benefits of getting geographical indication (GI) for products.

UNCTAD India programme is launching a series of events, including a workshop and conference, to highlight the benefits of geographical indications (GI), an important intellectual property right under the WTO TRIPS Agreement.

“We haven’t had awareness about geographical indications. So, we are in the process of building awareness about the benefit of GIs,’’ said Abhijit Das, the deputy project coordinator and officer in charge of UNCTAD. The UN organisation along with a number of partners is already working on getting Geographical Indications (GI) for 21 products, including Banarasi sari and Badohi carpets.

The applications have been filed for the products even as attempts are made to spread awareness on the benefits getting geographical exclusivity for a product. The UNCTAD, which is attempting to build awareness through small focus groups, has found that the wages of artisans increased two to three times after a product was recognised as being exclusively from a particular area.